Connect 2 laptops directly via Ethernet


Is that possible if the other laptop is running WinXP? Basically, I have an Ethernet cable and I'd like to copy some files to my PowerBook from the other laptop.
Yes it is possible. I connected my powerbook to my Win Laptop and it worked beautifully. Just make sure that you have a share folder configured on your Win machine. (i.e., right click on the folder you want to share, click sharing, check the box labled share this folder).

When I do this, I also turn off airport wireless on my powerbook so I know that the computer will use the ethernet port (i dont know if this is necessary, but I do it anyway). Then just go to the network icon in the Finder window and look for your Win machine.

Note: I am writing straight from memory so hopefully it is correct. Perhaps someone else can come in this thread and verify/correct any mistakes. But what I described should be a good first step and a verification that you can connect an Apple machine to a Win machine with an ethernet cable or a cross-over cable.

Hope this helps.
There isnt really any other configuration steps that I can think of. Just make sure you open a share folder in your windows machine.