Connect firewire HD to Mac & PC


Hi all,

I just bought a maxtor 200 GB firewire harddisk.

The thing i can't figure out is how i can connect it to a pc, put files on it and then connect it to my mac and copy the files to my internal HD.

I tried to format it as mac, fat and linux...but it doesn' work.

Back in the old days there was a contolpanal called something like: foreing file

it would let you view the contents of a pc formatted floppydisk.

Is the answer so simple that i just didn't see it...or is it just impossible?

Hope you can help me out,



I use a USB one (HD) formatted in windows to FAT32 ~ Works great with windows, Linux, MacOSX and OS 9.... I would suggest formating it into 2 partitions say 100 gigs each and format it through windows fat32 .... then it should work between all OS's




I tried to format on a pc with partition magic 8.0 my HD

FAT 32 -> doesn't work on my mac...diskcopy shows it but it downsn;t mount automaticly and it dows nothing when i choose mount from the menu

FAT -> works! Jeeehaa... :( but i can't make a partition (on pc) that is bigger than 2 GB... kinda sux with a 200 GB disk...

in this partition app on the pc i can choose many primary partition / logical partition...stuff like that...i tried all combination but it just wont work.

Is it my mac? macosx? my pc? windowsXP? Im stuck...

has anyone a suggestion?



The best way to do this is to format on the pc with FAT32 using partition size of 32 GB or less. FAT32 will not recognize partitions larger than 32 GB.
If you have windows 2000 or xp right click on "My Computer" then left click on "Manage" then click on "Disk Managment". Your drive should show up then you can format if fom there.