Connect scripts with OS X 10.1???


I have Compuserve as my 'travelling' ISP. I know, I probably should get something else, but I do used that e-mail for some things, and I'm already paying for it so...

Connecting to Compuserve requires that I use a 'Connect Script' with Remote Access under OS 9 & earlier. I can't find any place to implement a connect scrip with OS X's modem or dial-up access configuration.

Can it be done, or do I have no choice but to shop for a new ISP? Which could be a tall order, since I do travel a bit, including Europe...

Thanks in advance!
I too have a similar problem. My company ISP requires that I submit a "connection script" upon connection with their modem. While in OS 9 this was accomplished by importing the required script from the "Import Script" button within the Remote Access control panel.

In OS X I cannot determine how I can accomplish this. Anyone please help.


-- Vinko