Connect to a server on a network!



I have G3 Mac running as a file and webserver. It's connected to a ADSL router. And then i have a PowerBook G3 Pismo where i have 2 partition -one with Classic and the other with Mac OS X.

When i boot into Mac OS 9.1 and go to chooser i no problems in connect to the server. But when i'm in Mac OS X i can't connect/see the server. I have tried everything (i guess).

Any one have an solution?

in your File sharing control panel. Make sure to check "Allow clients to connect throw TCP/IP".
Have you gone to the GO menu and selected Connect to Server?

My internal network is divided by a Firewall and I haven't figured out how to cross-connect the two subsections, but I can still connect to the file server/mail server by entering it's DNS name or IP number, then OS X remembers it and I just select it the next time I want to connect.