Connect to NT Terminal Server from OSX?


Hi All,
I need an app that will allow me to connect to our NT Terminal Server. I have found one program "HOB" that works via OSX but it is a little buggy and is Java based.
Does anyone know of another client?

Try seeing if you can use some of the Citrix ICA clients, citrix wrote the Win2k terminal services.
I can't verify Carlo's claim as I don't use the Win2k version of Terminal Services but I do have experience with NT's Terminal Services. Here RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) would be the common connection method unless you had Citrix MetaFrame installed. Then an ICA (Independent Computing Architecture) client would do the trick for connections. If you're stuck using RDP, I'm fairly certain you're out of luck for a cross platform connection method (barring HOB). Microsoft's RDP clients only support Win machines. You mentioned "HOB" as your Java connection method. Who makes this client?
Have you tried VNC? Besides the slow refreshing, I think it is better than Terminal Services, pretty much solely because you can send ctrl-alt-del to the terminal, so you can lock the remote NT/2k computer. And it's available for many OSs, including Mac, but dosn't seem to have a port yet for OS X. I've used it under WinNT, Win2k, and Solaris 8.