connect to server with alias



I've got a Powerbook (OSX 10.3), a WinXP computer and a Ethernet harddisk (LaCie Ethernet disk mini with embedded Linux).
Now I've tried to automatically connect to the servers with an alias (SMB-connection):

- I made an alias of a subfolder of the pc in the finder. When I click this alias, the servers gets connected without any dialog -> just perfect
- I've tried the same with the NetDisk. But the alias doesn't work. I'll always end up with the message "couldn't find the original".

Why doesn't it behave in the same way? Is there a difference because of the OS?
Thanks for your hints!
Hi bungy and welcome to the forum.
I think it might be a samba problem. Is it possible for you to update the samba modul of the embedded linux distribution or maybe even use appletalk?