Connecting a Color Production Tv Monitor to a Dual Computer Monitor Editing Set-up.


i have the last powermac g4 model that came out before the g5 came out. i'm planning to buy two new flat monitors and connecting them for use with final cut pro. based on info in my g4 owner's manual and the FAQ's from your site, i think i can manage to creat a dual monitor set-up. the question is, how do i then connect a tv monitor to complete the set-up. having a tv for the application of viewing/production when editing is something that i've read is very recommended. if it helps, the tv monitor in question is the JVC TM-A13SU , 13" COLOR MONITOR, COMPOSITE, Y/C ------(whatever that means). i found it the cheapest at here's some additional specs on this monitor that help you with the connectivity issues.
video system: ntsc/pal
input/output connectors: COMPOSITE VIDEO-BNC (x2 input, 2 output).
Y / C- SVHS 4-PIN (x 1 input only)
AUDIO- RCA(x 2 input, 2 output)

I sincerely hope you can answer back to this and offer some insight. thank you.