Connecting a display to an iBook

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ok, so i have an iBook (single USB, aka "the clamshell") and heres my prob:
I love the new flat panels, and i find the price quite appealing on th 15' model. Is there any way to have this monitor not mirror, but to actually display on the apple flat panel. As far as i know there are two obstacles:

1. since my iBook has no video out, other than composite video, i need to find a way to do this through either the USB or FireWire port, i dont know if this is even possible

2. Even if somthing like that worked, i would still need a DVI to ADC converter, which lower he probability if a working soultion even more. I know that these exist at least...

Anyone now if this is possible, i love the flat panels, but i dont have the money for a tower..
This doesn't completely solve your problem, but I know Dr. Bott ( makes a DVI to ADC adapter. I'd like to get an external display, too; I like 800x600 in OS 9, but with a screen so small that you can only fit about 4.6 icons vertically, 800x600 is pathetic for X.

BTW, would it be possible to get a new iBook's screen (1024x768) and stick it into a clamshell iBook? I know the graphics card could handle it-the new ones have the same card...

Oh, yeah, I forgot to say this before: You couldn't do it though USB. USB is so slow that you'd be seeing 640x480 as 10 fps , and I don't think you would want a new monitor if that was the case;).
I'm pretty sure that you could put in a new screen, i think its just a matter of whether you can convince the iBook to display at 1024x768, which should be doable. In fact, there are many specialized repair shops on the internet that i know will fix broken iBook screeens or crushed cases ect. Possibly one of them might be interested in doing a custom job for you.

I've always wondered why there have been no alternatives for getting a display connected to an iBook, i guess if the third parties haven't gotten a solution yet, there isn't going to be one, but mabey, just mabey, development will continue since the TiBook also has no "proper" video out.

I do hope that video mirroring is supported in OS X in 10.1, it does have its uses. I was actually thinking how cool it would be to connect a sony glasstron to the video out. DVD's would be great, unreal tournament would be great looking even at low quality. But before i purchase on of these i'd like to try one first
I have done a little searching, and I came up with nothing useful. I found a bunch of products that do S-video and composite, but you already have composite (so do I, but mine is messed up:mad: ). I didn't find anything that did the next step, though (s-video or composite to VGA, SVGA, or DVI), and if it went to VGA or SVGA, then you would need a S/VGA to DVI converter and then a DVI to ADC. So the whole thing would be: composite -> S/VGA -> DVI -> ADC; composite -> DVI -> ADC; S-video -> S/VGA -> DVI -> ADC or S-video -> DVI -> ADC. That would be expensive, and I don't think it's worth it.

Too bad I have a CompUSA warranty; otherwise I would ditch this display right now! Now, I have to wait 3 years!