Connecting a Printer Direct


Do you help out people with OS 9.2.2?
If so, I am trying to connect a HP laser jet 4
via a parallel/serial cable directly to my
Macintosh G3 running OS 9.2.2
I am not finding any way to do this
and have searched in vain all
over the Internet.
Can ya help me?

Cris B
Welcome to the forum.
Yes we do help people with OS 9.

First, what model Mac G3 do you have? Some had serial ports and the newer ones did not.

Does the HP have other connection options like USB or Ethernet?
Which model of the G3, the beige or Blue and White?

Regardless, both of these models have the old Mac-style mini-DIN serial ports. I believe that the LaserJet 4 has this port, but you might have to download the Mac OS 9 drivers from the HP site. They should provide the necessary PPDs to be able to recognize that printer under OS 9.
A slight correction:
Blue and White does not have a serial port. That was the first model that came with USB and Firewire.