connecting an eMate 300 to my powerbook

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Anyone got any experience with connecting an ancient emate to a (modern) apple computer? i need something that goes from the meate port to usb or ethernet or firewire
does anything like that exist?



'i need something that goes from the eMate port to usb or ethernet or firewire'; place a standard PCMCIA Card (now titled PC Card) - Type II or III - into the eMate's expansion slot, then connect a crossover Ethernet cable between the eMate and your PowerBook. Go here for additional 'eMate' search information, and here for additional Newton / eMate compatible hardware / software information.

But then, the last three pre-G3 PowerBook models, all the G3 PowerBook models, and the first two G4 PowerBook models did contain an Infrared port. Go here for additional eMate to Mac infrared related information.

P.S. It is really nice to be specific when posting a question / problem.
'eMate' - no; 'eMate 300' - yes.
'PowerBook' - no; 'PowerBook 3400c, with System 7.6.1' ... 'PowerBook G4 (17-inch, 1.67 GHz), with MacOS X 10.4.2' - yes.


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If you were considering connecting a Keyspan USB to Serial adapter to the PowerBook and a Localtalk (AppleTalk) box to the eMate and then a telephone cable between the two - the Keyspan adapter does not support LocalTalk