Connecting iBook and LCD TV Screen


Hey all,
I just purchased an iBook and want to hook it up to my 23" Philips LCD screen either via S-video or VGA. Those are my only two options (i think). Which connection is better and which, if any will make me be able to use the screen as an extra monitor? Will it just be mirrored of what is on my iBook screen or will it actually give me more desktop space to work with where i can drag windows into the LCD screen to clear up my iBook screen for another window. Please help as i would like to purchase the cords ASAP. Thanks!!
I'd go with the VGA option if your display has a VGA input, as this will be better quality than S-video.

The iBook's firmware is designed so that you can't use an external monitor as a second display, but only as a mirrored display. This is one way that Apple differentiates their "i" products from the more expensive "Power" products. Hower, there is a hack called "Screen Spanning Doctor" that will let you run the external display as a second monitor on an iMac or iBook.