Connecting to a NT 4 server


I've installed a little program called Sharity that allows OSX to connect to a NT server so I can open and save files on the NT from within the OSX enviroment. But I'm having trouble because the apps I still have to use in Classic cant see the NT server.

Is there a fix for this I dont mind whever its a patch/app for the NT server or for Classic/OSX?

I cant make the jump untill this is resolved as all my work is held on fileservers :(


I am having the same problem. I have tried every trick I can think of. I wanted to let you know that I have contacted Apple. I will post any response I get back from them.
I find that the most efficient way to connect Macs to a Windows NT 4 Server is Services for Macintosh (SFM).

SFM is included as an optional Network Service on the NT 4 install CD.

SFM is Micro$oft's server-only implementation of the classic AppleTalk protocol, along with utitlies to maintain shared volumes and their permissions. SFM maintains the MacOS's two-forked file structure and HFS-style attributes in a special index (which occasionally has to be rebuilt) the SFM volumes are actually normal directories, accesible through any of the standard NT file sharing protocols.

I have been running Windows NT4 Servers with SFM for almost five years. Outside of the sluggishness of the classic AppleTalk protocol and issues with using reserved characters in filenames, SFM works beautifully in our graphic design studio.

Mars :)
I totally agree with you. But, I am not the systems administrator and they will not install the Macintosh services. So I was looking for another work around.
If your running 10.1 or above you do not need 3rd party software to connect to an NT server or servers at the same time.

use "smb://" if there's a domain you'll need to include it in the path.

example: smb://DOMAIN;SERVERNAME/Share

Yes, that's a ";" between the Domain and sever name.

These should be available to OS 9 (Classic) Apps.

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Unfortunately SMB shares are not available to Classic apps. All Sharity does is to provide browsing services to the SMB part of OS X so that you don't have to use the Connect To Server menu. AFAIK the only way for Classic apps to access Windows machines is via SFM.