Connecting to Asdl Using a Sagem 800 Modem

Annette Culshaw

I cannot connect to the internet using this modem. The modem installion is completed and it is operational, but when I come to configure it will not allow me to do so using a usb connection. Please can you help me.
Hi annette and welcome to this forum

you didn't mention which OS and apple computer you're using could help if you could give more infos :)

Using the search feature I found this for you

If it applies go for you otherwise do not hesitate to revert with as many details as possible about your set up.

Also as a rule of thumb I would suggest you look into getting an ethernet modem form you ISP they're troublesome as far as setting them up
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You may note a common reply - replace the USB DSL modem with an ethernet DSL modem. Thus, no USB driver (or any other third party software) is required; and, configuring the Mac to connect via DSL is performed easily via the 'System Preferences', 'Network' utility.
Dear Gig and Bahar

Many thanks. I sorted the problem by downloading the latest modem driver from Sagem and configuring manually. It is all working fine now.