connecting to cobalt qube3 problems


I have my mac on a local network which a cobalt qube3 acts as the local server. I have used apple talk on os 9 to connect to the server before upgrading to osX. Now that I have osX installed I am having a lot of problems with files on the qube. When i connect to the server through the finder it doesnt show up in the local network but i am able to connect if i put the qube's ip in. I can log in fine and 'mount' the directory i need. I am incapable though of editing any of the files or even opening them.

The permissions when I look at them are really wrong in osX
-rwx---r-x 1 jsmith unknown 4110 Jun 18 11:24 index.html

here is what they look like on the qube:
-rwxrwxr-x 1 jsmith client 4110 Jun 18 11:08 index.html

Thanks for any help