connecting to my appletalk network


I have my computer connected to a appletalk network. Now after installing OS X i cant connect to the other computers anymore. I have appletalk enabled and I can see my own computer from the other computers but I can´t connect. From my OS X machine I can´t find the choser :)
I just can´t find the other computers. When I the choser in Classic I´am able to see the other computers but I can´t connect. I just get a message saying somthing like "this computer dosen´t support the IP protocol needed for OS X"
What´s the problem?

So you've probably seen this elsewhere in the forum by now, but you can only connect to Appletalk servers that have IP file sharing enabled. On the servers, go to the File Sharing control panel, and check the box that says "Enable File Sharing clients to connect over TCP/IP".
Thanks it helped but only for the computers with OS 9. The computers with 8.6 installed don«t have the "allow users to connect over TC/IP".
What is this? I tought Apple would try to make the transition between old mac os and OS X easy!
I looked at apples page to find a solution and they say that the solution is to upgrade to OS 9. At our schol there are at least 20 older computers with 8.6. It seems that the transistion to OS X will be quite costly

OS X already supports AppleTalk for printing. My guess is they will eventually add support for AppleShare over AppleTalk.

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