connecting to webdav server crashes osx


I did it twice (stupid me...) - i have a server on which I enabled webdav. I can connect to it fine on my win95 machine, but when I tried it with OSX it choked.

I opened "Connect To Server" and chose 'web server', then entered the web address "http://servername/dav" which is the location of the dav directory on that server (it is the same procedure in windows...).

After that... spinning rainbow wheel in finder and all is locked. I can kill processes and get to the login window, but it is useless - still a spinning wheel and cannot input anything.

Darwin is fine through all of this. I have a constant telnet connection and can kill whatever I want to, restart processes, etc... but I don't know which process is hanging up the GUI. i kill everything with my username attached to it, plus window manager and loginwindow and still cannot clear the problem...
i've got the same problem. I'm running a novell netware 5.1 server with the current version of its WebDAV. it works AOK when connecting with my win nt/98/2000. in os X, if I use the correct SSL address "https://servername/My Network/" os X reports that no service is avail. using non ssl "http://servername/My Network/" gives me a login box. Once i enter the info, either the "Finder" locks up and I have to force quit it, or I get a "server returned an error 19".... whatever that is?