Connecting Xpsp2 And Osx 10.3


Hi there

I am quite new to networking, and i need a lot of help

I am trying to file share between the two computers... i have done as the apple website suggests, however i cannot see the Pc in the network in finder, nor can i see the mac in usergroups on the pc. I can share printing... but cannot share dialup internet.

I was wondering if there is a step by step toutorial for how to get the file sharing to work, or if you guys have any tricks?

I am using a D-link 524 wireless router, g4ibook with wirless card, and a pc with a d-linik wirless card.

i have tried disabling firewalls, making appletalk active, turned on ftp access, windows sharing, personal file sharing.

Im thinking i havent done something right in network setup... i would have thought it would have all worked automatically, so i tried making some static addresses.

the router is
pc is
mac is

the subnet mask on both is

thanking you for any help



are you trying to share the DialUP connection from the PC to the MAC???

If you are, you need to go into internet proporties on the PC, and check the box under teh sharing tab i think that says share this connection or make this available via network or something like that...

Next, plug the MAC to PC using a crossover cat5 cable if there is no switch/hub involved - if there is go from PC to hub to MAC using regular cat5's...

On the MAC, in system prefs under ethernet - select USING DHCP WITH MANUAL ADDRESS.

on PC, start, run, cmd, ip config to find ip address - or seems you're using xp if you go into network connections you can see it by single clicking on the p2p network icon and it comes up in the left hand side bottom info space.

Type PC's IP address into the ROUTER field on the mac and you're done!


oops just read your whole post and it seems what i suggested is a bit different to what you need, sorry :)