Connectivity Boggle


Inventor of the Egg Wave
I had a strange problem tonight that I've never had before. I got home and attempted to load up a web page on the old g4, and got immediate cannot connect errors from Safari. So I tried a few things like rebooting, restarting the router, and checking the plugs. Nothing worked so I began screaming and left the room.
I came back with my windows laptop, and hopped onto the wireless network (the mac is wired, both computers use dhcp to connect to a linksys router. The pc uses the wireless abilities of the router).
I got an immediate connection, and began cursing some more, then I heard iChat connect, with the little whir sound that it does.

For some reason, the mac would not connect until the laptop had stirred something deep within the router.
If anyone has ever seen anything like this, I'd appreciate some advice on getting it to never happen again.

On a side note, the wireless connections I get never last more than 5 minutes, and I must reconnect. What gives?