Consistently Losing Network Connection 10.3.9


i have an apple g3 i book and am currently running os10.3.9, which i recently updated. i recently downloaded and began to use firefox. since the update to 10.3.9 and firefox (or perhaps coincidentally), i cannot maintain a constant network connection. it is a bit odd because it seems that if i stay active, the connection is fine, whereas if i leave the computer on and come back to it, i am unable to get a connection, as indicated by a window in the browser, and the network connections tab. sometimes the connection is reestablished if i unplug and reconnect the ethernet cord. the problem is also happening when i use safari. i use the computer at work and at home (where it is connected to a cable modem via a linksys 8.11 b router) - and the problem persists in both locales.
thank you for your help.


I am having the same problem. I had a similar problem a year or so ago and replaced my cable router. It seemed to solve the problem, but I don't like the answer. I know I only paid $50, but a brand-name router (NetGear) should last longer than that.

I have tried repairing permissions: No luck. Rebooting: works for a few hours. The "best" workaround I've found yet is to shutdown the interface with "sudo ifconfig en0 down", a pause of 2-3 minutes, followed by "sudo ifconfig en0 up".

This really stinks -- it's getting so I can only use the Internet for about 15 minutes before it starts going south. If it were Windows, I'd assume I had a virus but it's not that likely on an OSX machine.

Any luck tracking down and fixing your issue?