console cd player, os x /dev


Finally today after getting the new Nine Inch Nails remixes cd (which is really good, btw) i decided i wasn't willing anymore to put up with a cd player app that had worthless eye candy, was slow to respond, and actually skips every time that a window had to redraw somewhere. So i decided to banish the accursed Music Player from my dock and simply download some kind of bsd console-based audio cd player and run that in Terminal.

After much thrashing, the downloading of every console cd player on freshmeat, and a battle against compile errors that ended with me just commenting out several lines that used functions ("keymap", etc) that appear to have been left out the os x curses.h, i got the app "cd-console" (check on freshmeat) to compile.

But (grrr!) it won't run.. because it can't find the device for the cd-rom. It's expecting it to be at /dev/acd0c, which doesn't exist.

So, here's my question: Where, if anywhere, could i find the documentation for the os x /dev hierarchy? Which device in there represents the cd-rom drive? (and dammit, i miss /dev/audio -_-) None of the darwin sites i saw, nor any of the /Developer pdfs, seemed to address this anywhere. did i miss something?

I doubt it will work even then, of course, but we'll see.. -_-