Console compatibiliy with other Unixes..


Greetings all..

I've noticed when remote shelling into another Unix system from MacOSX, I have a large amount of "corrupt" keystrokes when using commands like "vi", cvs's "ci" or (in the case of IRIX) even "fx"

It commonly happens with "arrow" keys and backspaces.. I imagine other control keys mess up too..
While backspace and other controls work just fine in the plain ol' tcsh, these commands seem to use some other keymapping. (ansi terminal or maybe vt100?)

Anyone know how to set the mac's terminal to use more reliable keymaps? (it that is even the problem??)

I only recall seeing a Terminal preference for "more compatible" VT100 key mapping. You might try experimenting with that.

Yeah, I gave that a try.. no joy.
It looks as if I will need to try to set up some sort of "remapping" of the troublesome keys.

Use the same TERMCAP.

Type env locally and copy the value for TERMCAP

in the remote shell type setenv TERMCAP "paste here"
Here is what I've found out (so far..)

by adding this line in the ".login" file on your target machine, I was able to get most control characters to cooperate.

stty dec echoe

This forces (my sgi in this case) to use the "Digital Equipement Corp's" Terminal standard for keycodes. By doing this, everthing seems to mostly work.

The only problem I now have, is the occasional garbage character when using vi on another machine (ie: my SGI system) from the macosx terminal. When I start scrolling down a long textfile, by pressing on the arrow key, the terminal will (at random intervals) spit out a set of characters that see to throw vi into "insert" mode.

THis one baffles me, I suspect it is some sort of buffer overflow, or "timing" problem..

Anyways, this should help others out..