>console question


Why doesn't the text fill the screen in console mode? Maybe I messed it up or something, but it's only using a certain portion of the left top corner of my screen...if I launch BitchX or list a huge directory it only goes a quarter the way down...
uh....i think you may have messed up your console...my console screen displays text from margin to margin...
Well, in Terminal while Im logged into the GUI of OS X works fine, it's when I log in to >console and get dropped into the normal unix layer that my screen is weird. I've heard many other people have this problem too...anyone know anything?
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How do u go into >console mode?

In the login window don't login with your username and password, but type '>console' as name and leave password blank. Now hit the login button.
You will get a Command line login screen, after you login you will get the command line interface, without firing up any graphical stuff.
type exit to go back to the graphic login screen