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Is it just me or is it since the republicans took office you haven't heard a peep about microsoft and the anti-trust issues? Did they just drop the case or what. And now with XP, I mean come on they are still up to the same practices. If there are any politicians out there listening, break up microsoft, make them become innovative or collapse like the bad software company they are.

BTW: My omni web spell checker doesn't recognize microsoft as a word :p
ha ha ha... I have stopped hearing about M$ lawsuits for about a year now.... nothing is going to come of it... lets just agree to be different lol :p .... XP sucks ... windows will always suck and people will be like lemmings & AOL
People are lemmings so if we don't show them the light, they won't follow us to Apple. I got into an argument with a windoze user the other day and all of his comments were from problems with 7.55, people don't know how much better Apple has gotten and how much windoze has stayed the same. People don't realize that windoze ME is pretty much a huge bug patch and a little interface tweak to 98. OS X and even 9 were huge leaps. My people wake up and smell dem apples!
THe thing I find about windows users is the same argument with AOL users... thats all they know and they are afraid of change. They think that M$ is this huge caretaker... sick... they cant even put forth a good argument to stay on windows.... no intellectual stimulation :(
I actually emailed Bush directly re: this issue. Linked him to some articles and stats. Got the standard auto-reply but then got a real reply within 2 days. I cannot say HE actually wrote it but my concerns were addressed and the writer noted that this is still a priority. I was also told that I may receive a message from DOJ re: their current stance/actions. Perhaps others concerned about this should email him as well.
Is there any way we could get you to post that email or at least the important parts:D
Just looked. It's no longer on the server. I checked the mail with my wife's TiBook. I'll have to check the mail prefs. It must delete after download. When she gets home I'll check. It might even be on her laptop. I don't think there'd be a problem posting it. I don't remember a confidentiality statement but I'd still like to do a westlaw / lex/nex search on the relevant law. This IS the feds after all.

It's not all that interesting anyway and like I said, I doubt he even saw my email, let alone responded himself...
For sake of starting a discussion, I am going to make a bold statement re: Apple laying low on the Anti-Trust thing. I know this is not completely accurate regarding the true legal nature of the Anti-Trust suit, but reflects the generally accepted public view of M$'s asshole tactics.

Don't get me wrong, I am an Apple geek through and through, but here goes (don't flame me too bad)

In a nutshell, and correct me if I'm wrong, would Apple not enjoy a majority market share?:eek: That said, if Apple had a majority to the proportions of M$, they would be just as monopolistic. (Slow down - I know this doesn't consider Apple's wonderful open source policy with OS X) In fact, Apple, in the eye of the public (and possible gov) would not only maintain a software monopoly but require you to use their hardware as well.

This all assumes that with such a market, Apple would almost certainly have their own proprietary browser, among others, such as M$has with Explorer.

Here we go?
Doesn't mean they are not in big businesses pocket. I hope all of america sees that Bush and his administration are all about big business. Even if the dot bomb bubble didn't pop, under the bush administration small companies could and will not survive. I mean c'mon how can anyone say that Microsoft is not practiccing unfair business practices, if everyone ran companies like microsoft we would not have any laws because whenever a corp didn't like a law they would just pay for it to be reversed (yeah I know thats what special intrest groups do now). I think it is odd that intel had a meeting at the white house and a high ranking white house official "sat in" on the meeting and then two weeks or so later Microshaft get their breakup overturned. THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get money out of politics!
Cheap mother-f*ckin' political whores!!!!!!!!
This makes me furious!

what should I do ???? let me get out my big phat cheque book and write a nice little cheque of $0 and 0 cents to all the bastards in the white house!

Don't forget that the decision was to have a new judge decide, not to throw the case out.

I have a feeling the reason I get so pissed off about it is that I love macs and therefore hate M$, not because of their business practices. It think in the future the tech industry will have to be lead by big corps with monopolies (ie. Nortel or Lucent) because simple lack of $ will shrink the industry to a profitable size.:(
It is the fact that large companies, (Apple may even do it) can buy whatever they want. You say that it just goes to a new judge, thats fine except every federal judge out there is going to be vying for one of the possible 3 supreme court vacanccies coming up and gues what we have a conservative president in the pockets of big biz, so judges are going to side with big business (Microshaft) so that way bush will appoint them. And mark my words, microsoft has people working the system to get a "friendly" judge appointed to their trial. I would give my left testicle for gore to be prez!!!!!!! This is what hapopens when the people no longer control the politicians, those who proclaim america as a great democracy, this is proof that we are a pathetic republic!
You bet... my point is, in a nutshell, that M$ is merely becoming the firts scapegoat, or the "example", of this. Others will follow. Microsoft might be the first, but will certainly not be the last co. to use monopolistic practices. Heck, look at the Cola duopoly.