Constant error 1 crash


Registered's the deal. I'm on a Beige G3/300 with 384M RAM. I keep crashing. Error 1's and crash with no error. Why? No firmware update for this system and Apple says "extension conflict". No way...nothing new and same extensions on as always. I have formatted this drive 3 times with the last being zero all data. Still crashing. OS X is on the first partition (within first 8 gig) and 9.1 (was on 9.2.1) on the second. Thought at first something in X was messing around but didn't install X the last time and still crashing. 2 HD's. One is 30 gig and the other is 15 gig. Not a problem with the drives. Installed on both with same results. Any suggestions? I should mention that all crashes occur in 9.x
Anything with that low an error number (that isn't in the negatives) is a memory error. So you're right that it shouldn't be an extension. Although you've got plenty of RAM, applications themselves can still run out of memory. Is it any specific application that is giving you this crash? Explorer has notoriously bad memory leakage too...
IE does go down alot but so does HotLine, GameRanger, and a few games that my wife likes to play. ICQ has done it a few times but not often. All this just started a couple of weeks ago. I'll throw more memory to those apps and see what happens. And it just isn't error 1 all the time. Some things just quit with no error or any message at all. Not even from the finder saying that so and so unexpectantly quit.

I have some bad news but there's a very high chance your RAM went bad ... Try removing one of your SD's and see if it helps, try Norton and check your RAM (I think Norton has that function). I had the same problem on my iMac some time ago. Actually, the exact same as you describe it. Just, random crashes with 1 or no number ...

I removed one of the DIMMs and it worked perfectly, I just replaced the broken DIMM. Could be that both modules are broken, could be only one ... Could be nothing like this at all but that'd surprise me :(