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You Pick: Best Useful X-Hack Contest

  • Cocktail

  • CopyPaste

  • Delicious Library

  • Fruit Menu

  • QuickSilver

  • RDC

  • Roxio Popcorn

  • SharePoints

  • Synergy for iTunes

  • Tinkertool

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CopyPaste is one of the mst usefull hacks I have ever installed. I absolutely could not live without it now as a developer, writer and researcher.


I have been using synergy for a while and is cool however the developers need to add a artwork search tool automatic to the web! :D


93 93/93
I'm the only person who uses my Mac, so the one thing I've never liked about OS X is it's inability to share folders outside my own "Public" folder. Therefore SharePoints gets my vote.


Although, I don't pay for shareware often either, I have for FruitMenu. I find it invaluable and think Apple should have added it to OSX from the beginning.


Artifical Lifeform
I didn't know about Quicksilver before. I voted for FruitMenu. However, Quicksilver really seems to be a nice app, will give it a try.