Contexual Menu


I would like to add some items to the contexual menu that pops up when I click on the deskop while holding down the control button. Right now when I click and hold the control button I get a help item and a New Folder Item. Is this easily editable in OSX?
So, since that presumably would involve programming, the contextual menus are not easily editable? You'd have to go an carbonize stuff?
I may be way off, but I thought CMMs were instances of SOMObjects, the last vestiges of the OpenDoc libraries liscensed from IBM. I further thought that SOMObjects were to be banished from OS X...

But I am not entirely sure on either count. Strobe, I remember a few posts you made about trying to carbonize a CMM. Did anything come of that?


PS. Storm: Changinng contextual menus has always involved programming. It would be cool if Apple made some easy front end to this (context sensitive applescripts as services that also pop up in the contextual menu is my fantasy), but AFAIK there is nothing like this now.
SOM is a general ORB which can be used for various things, not only OpenDoc.

The CMM in my project was a 'Component Manager Module' and didn't have anything to do with contextual menus.

My short-term problems shouldn't concern non-programmers.
Strobe --
SOM is a general ORB which can be used for various things, not only OpenDoc.
I know this, and I think my last post made that pretty clear. My question was if you knew the status of SOM in OS X, and if Contextual Menu Modules were SOMObjects or depended on SOM some other way. If you have an answer, or remember where you saw that CMM's could be carbonized, I would be glad to hear it.
Also, if one could carbonize a CMM, where would one put it? I can't find a likely place where they might go in the OS X filestructure.


PS. Sorry I misinterpreted your previous posts about the CMM. No need to get snippy, though -- I was just curious if you had had luck.
ok, so these other posts are 7 months old now...but i'm looking into making some CMMs for os x and ran across this thread. To answer the question posed to strobe, here is something off apple's site...basically zpincus is dead on.

Contextual Menu Modules (CMM) are supported in MacÊOSÊX; however, the older SOM object format is not used. For the system to load your CMM, it must be saved as a CFM plug-in in the Contextual Menu Items subfolder. (The exact location of this folder can be determined by calling FindFolder with the kContextualMenuItemsFolderType selector.)
oh...also, there are some pretty good cmms for "classic" mac os. i'm fairly certain there are some that let you execute applescripts from the menu...or allow easy customization of the cmm by dropping files, folders, or aliases into specified folders. It might not be as tightly integrated as you are fantasizing...but for non-programmers it does the job satisfactorily