continue a task even afer logout ?


I would like to launch a programme that will run non-stop for about two days. But I would like to allow other users to log in durring those days ...
Is there a way do do that (the nohup command seems unusefull since the soft is not a command line one.

Thank you for your help.

nohup is the only thing I know of. Sometimes you can run an otherwise GUI app from the command line by running the file inside the Contents/MacOS folder. For instance, you might be able to keep TextEdit running like this:
% [b]cd /Applications/[/b]
% [b]nohup ./TextEdit &[/b]
If it works, please let us know. I'm curious. I'd be surprised if having the window manager conk out in the middle of the app running (when someone logs out) didn't crash the nohup-ed GUI program.