Control Strip Modules and DVD-Regions


Scratch & Sniff Committee
Hello again!

I am using the iBook 500 combo-drive (and am very new to the mac world), and have just a couple of questions.

1. If I use up my changes on DVD region codes, what can I do about it. I have a couple of region 1 DVDs as well as the region 4s used here in australia, and I would like to know whether I can just bypass the code, or what is involved in resetting it. Anybody have any clues?

2. I have a couple of control strip modules sitting in the system 9 control strip modules folder that I would like to use (namely the TV-out and monitor out) but dragging them onto the control strip doesn't seem to achieve anything. How do I make them show up?

- Symphonix
I live in the states. I have some region 1 and some region 2 DVDs. MY player was set for region 1. When I put the region 2 DVD there was an option to change the region if I wanted. I changed it but I can only do it 4 more times. On the 4th change it's set forever to that region. It sucks. I have tried some sites but I cannot find much to work with my machine. Just do a search in yahoo and look for keywords such as >>>> Region, MacOS, DVD, Change <<<<< and so on. Whatever you do BE CAREFUL!!!!! I have asked this question in the past but no one has replied :( ... I hope someone knows by now :)

As for the control strip. I think that if you have them in the control strip modules and they dont show up, then maybe they cant be used with your system :)

Okay, I've found a patch for the DVD region manager that stops it from incrementing the counter.

Also, I figure these control strip modules should work since I do have both external monitor out and TV-out working ... hmm.