Convert Hi-res Audio For Iphone Playback



Hadn't used my iPhone for music, and decided to try. I store my music in flac format, so I converted the music I was trying to load into .aiff, and thought that iTunes conversion (to aac, for example) would take care of getting the music formatted properly for playback with the iPhone.

Not so. It looks like my hi-res audio files (24/96, 24/192 ...) load and play correctly on the Mac through iTunes, but will not load or play on the iPhone. When I try to sync the music to my iPhone, iTunes gives me a generic message about a "format" issue, so I'm guessing that the Mac DAC can handle higher resolution audio files than the iPhone DAC permits.

Can anyone recommend a conversion utility that would downsample my hi-res flac files, so that they can be loaded and played in both iTunes *and* the iPhone. I would like to make lower res copies of these files for iPhone playback, and haven't found an answer from my online searches so far.

Thank you.