Convert Imovie to Quicktime


I'm running on Tiger OS X, iMovie HD and Quicktime 7 on my iBook G4.

I have a 11 minute movie clip (1GB) and I want it to fit into a CD. What sort of compression should I use? I've already fiddled around with the Expert Settings and it's just been a nightmare. The closest I ever got to my "ideal" playback, was when I used H.284 compression, leaaving the rest to default setting. It was compressed to about 190MB. When I did play it on Quicktime, the images were pretty good, the audio was good but the transitions were jerky. I want a smoother playback while retaining all audio and image quality as used in H.284.

I think it's got something to do with the frame rate and frame size. Could you guys help me out?