convert mbox to entourage format?


I'm looking to convert's mbox storage of my email to Entourage format. Supposedly, Entourage can import mbox format, but it's not happening. (I'm using the latest versions of - OS X - and Entourage - Office 2001 with the latest update).

I can't find a way to export mailboxes from But I could save email message. This really isn't a viable option (saving each email individually) as I have too many messages.

Can anyone help? or point me in the right direction?


Further explanation: I have a large address book in Entourage and constantly need to sync my Palm pilot as well. Unfortuantely, Palm synching is not available for OS X yet, I can't get my address book to reliably import to OS X, and I have an old cache of messages in Entourage that I can't import into I started using OS X regularly right after it first came out, but I'm frustrated that the things I do most can't be supported yet so I need to go back to using Entourage as my mail client. I'm thinking of uninstalling OS X for now (and coming back to it later). So I want to salvage all of the emails I've accumulated since March (several thousand messages - roughly 49MB). Making this transition is critical to me. I'm not interested in discussing the visicitudes of using OS X over OS 9 or Microsoft or no-Microsoft.
From Microsofts web site:

If you've been using Apple Mail, the e-mail program that comes with OS X, you can start using Microsoft Entourage X for Mac without losing any of the messages you've already received. After you install Entourage, you can simply run an AppleScript script that copies messages from your mailbox in Apple Mail to a mail folder in Entourage.

The Import from Mail script

The Import from Mail script is available in the Value Pack folder on the CD-ROM or on the network you installed Entourage from. After you install Entourage, you're ready to import your messages.

Import messages to Entourage

1. Open the Value Pack folder.
2. Double-click the Value Pack Installer.
3. Select the Import from Mail check box, and then click Continue.
4. When the Installer has finished, click Quit.
5. Double-click the Import from Mail script in the following folder:
Microsoft Office X/Utilities/Import from Mail.
6. When the script is finished, click OK.

Now simply start Entourage as usual. Your imported messages are in the Import from Mail folder under On My Computer.

Note   The Import from Mail script works for messages in Apple Mail Personal Mailboxes. The script does not work for messages in Apple Mail IMAP mailboxes or other mailboxes outside of the Personal Mailboxes hierarchy. For more information about types of mail accounts, search Entourage Help for "mail account."
I am experiencing the same problem as above. I'm trying to convert my apple mail folders to Entourage, however, in this case I'm unable to find the "Value Pack" on my 2004 Student & Teacher's Edition edition CD of Microsoft Office for Macintosh. Can you please direct me? Thanks