Converting Vcd Dat File


Hi, I have read through the forum trying to figure this out, but I can't find exactly what I am looking for.

I have a VCD and I would like to open the movie files on my Mac osX 10.3.9

I was told that there were at least 2 files with video footage on them, but I'm new to this, and not even sure how to identify which are the movie files.

[The files on the disk are as follows:

CDI: cdi_imag.rtf, cdi_text.fnt,

EXT: lot_x.vcd, psd_x.vcd, scandata.dat

MPEGAV: avseq01.dat

SEGMENT: item0001.dat

VCD: entries.vcd, info.vcd, lot.vcd, psd.vcd ]

Using quicktime 7.0.2 I could open the file avseq01.dat but no others. I was told that there were at least 2 movie files on this disk.

Is it possible that quicktime would work on one but not others, and if so, what can I do to open the other files?

If anyone could help me with this question it would be very much appreciated :)

Thanks! Penny