Cool huh ?

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Don't Care?
Why Were u So Eager to try Steal Some1's Thunder... Personally Dude... Any1 who reads thru this thread, will think U're even more of prat... and that u were made 2 look stupid by U're attempts @ Flaming me... Sorry i Made u look an idiot... but i imagine, many other's have Before me!?

JeffK? Is that you?



Hah, another fan of ;)

PS: RacerX, I like that. Why don't we all just refer to Manic as "village idiot" from now on...

Oh, and since I see the reply from Manic, or Mr. VI comming, I just have on thing to say: be quiet, you waste our time with your reply


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interesting stuff, neyo, and please don't feed the troll a/k/a the village idiot ... :)


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We've got one PC guy going well out of his way to make his WindowsXP system look as close to a Mac running OS X as possible.

We've got another one who's rantings are so ridiculous, I had to block all his messages from showing up in my viewings.

Anyone else tired of maniacdvln should do the same. Life is so much better when you don't have to see, hear or read the troll.


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I for one love reading NeYos posts, his typing style has real character (no pun intended ) and makes for a very energized read. I know when I had to work at a place for a while that used PC's I was always trying to get that nasty box to look like a Mac, but I really had one at home :) Keep the faith NeYo, it'll come ...


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[quote}and he is an equal opportunity offender[/quote]

i think even he will agree with that:D

neyo, i'm among those who still don't get it, but that's ok. if it makes you and/or anybody else happy, then go for it!!!

i just hope you get that mac soon ( and you don't spend all your time making it look like xp:p )

it is wild looking. guess i would be more impresed if you had omniweb or icab on there instead of internet exploiter (unless you really respelled it like i just did)


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Snyper M

Windows NT had protected memory and symmetric multiprocessing Years ago let alone WinXP.
Considering the fact that the Mac used to be more of a workstation system than a server system, we are catching up nicely, don't we? ;)

Seriously, mentioned technologies - a standard on other platforms since some years - had to be implemented. But I would have never dreamed that they actually use a BSD-core to achieve it...supasweeeet :D :D :D


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ManicDVNL, please read through your posts before posting them.


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ksv, please stop feeding the fire that is ManicDVLN ;)
I'm really sorry, but I get an unusual feeling of anger when I read posts written by the-person-you-know. I don't think I fit together with people with unusally low social intelligence.


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Originally posted by ManicDVLN
Speaking of low intelligence, it's spelled angre, not anger...
Then I think you speak an other language than me. Correct me if I'm wrong.


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What the hell you talking about??
OH, now you've DELETED your post where you said that "anger" is spelled "angre"... oh my god, you're an idiot. Are you here just to make me/other mac users mad or something? I'm sick of you.

BTW, an american(?) should know english better than a norwegian 13-ager.


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very slick! it keeps getting better and better. pretty soon you'll have to make a tutorial for XP'ers who are jealous of the aqua interface. keep it up!

Oo boi o.


Neyo you should put a web site together! My friend just got a dell laptop (i know, i know, but thats a whole other thread), and is interested in how to do that! It is pretty spiff for windoze, hope you get a Mac soon:D !!


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Yeah. NeYo , that's a good work. One of my friends has XP, and he wants it to look like Mac OS X :D
It'd be soo great if you coult put up, just a little, site :)