Cool idea for iPod users...


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Check out Contacts->iPod

It will let you synch up your Entourage contacts onto your iPod, so your oh-so-desirable MP3 Player can be an address book as well. Nice idea....


That's what I said from the beginning! Give me the possibility to store my contacts, mails etc. on this thing and it will be more than an MP3 player! It has the potential (5 gig of potential to be exakt) ;) I will never be a PDA, but it's "processor" can't be too slow to display some plain text.

BTW: Apple will officially support these functions. January 7th is all I say ;)


BTW: Apple will officially support these functions. January 7th is all I say
I can't sleep with only the faintest hope that they will do so. What a great time to be alive!
:) :) :)


Oi vey, dear lord, it better not be new hardware. I just GOT this iPod thing... better be a sw update come January 7...


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The interesting question here is, 'How do you enter new names and info?'

When you are away from you computer, how would you add a new name to your iPod Personal Information Manager? Sit there and use the scroll wheel to find each letter? Very painful, if you ask me.

As an PIM, the iPod would not be seriously handicapped until the data input issue (away from computer) is addressed.



I know it won't happen, but I think with the scroll wheel, you could be as fast as with a cell phone which has no T9. And for years, people never complained about entering stuff in their cell phone either.


... contrast that REX thing. A credit-card sized PIM which is basically only good for displaying information. The idea is that it syncs, regularly, with your PC, so that it's the latter device that you enter the information into. The REX is simply used for referencing this info.

Personally, I stuck with a Palm, so that I could enter info into that if I wanted, but horses for courses.

Upshot is, the iPod may well be a "kinda" PIM. Just don't get hung up on this "all things to all people" idea. Everyone has different ideas as to what they want from their technology. The iPod may well have PIM "abilities", but it's not going to be the PIM of choice for a whole lot of people, purely by dint of the lack of usable input device.

Well there you go.


Its not just a iPd ---------> i Player, Disk
Its a iPod --------------> i Player, Organizer, Disk LOL:) :p :confused:

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2 words... FIREWIRE PORT!

you could easily attach a mini-keyboard for quick typing into the iPod through the built-in firewire port... it could "snap" to the iPod somehow so that it wouldn't move around while typing (but, at the same time, it would make a small eyesore as something would have to be affixed to it)

(note: edited because i left out a sentence)


it's a normal firewire port. those extra two pins are power. my formac studio has the same two pins, and it is also powered over the firewire port.