Cool SLOW MOTION Genie effect


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If you open any window that can be minamized (did I spell that wrong?) .. and you minamize it, it genies down to the dock. But, if you hold down like option and shift, like Jobs did at the Macworld, it goes down or up slowly when you either maxamize or minamize. Now, if you hold down like Shift, Alt, and Option and maby Control also all at the same time and minamize or maxamize, it genies REALLY SLOW.. Pretty fun for showing those little PC pin head users how much cooler your OS is than theirs.
ASFAICT, the Shft key is the only key that makes a difference in minimizing speed.

What key combo are you specifically using?
The shift key does slow it down. Like Steve Jobs did at Macworld showing OSX off. However, if you hold down like shift, ctrl, command and option or a combination of those (but all 4 will probably work) it makes it do a super slow motion genie effect. Its pretty cool.