Coordinates of Apple Headquarters..

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anyone know them to the nearest minute or better? im trying to get an overhead shot from a satellite. No, im not launching a missle, there will be no conspiracy in this thread...:p
From Lat: 37.330561 Lon: -122.029832 by entering 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014-2083

How funny, i was going to use the coordinates for the terraserver site. Guess i would have been mighty confused by having a pile of dirt instead of a fancy office building there....
I got the picture from . I entered in The Apple head quarters address. Then once I had the map up, I hit a link that said big map. That gave me a bigger picture of a drawn out map. Then I click on a tap on the top of the map that said ariel view and it gave me that picture.:)