COPY files to DVD


Hi, all

I am a newbie in Mac so would like to know how you guys use it.

Recently I am backuping up my movies to DVD,
what I do is I insert a blank DVD and I drag the files (4G) to it in filder,
I dont user iDVD or any buildin tools to copy it as it is download from my BT.

I notice it will copy to DVD section in finder and I have to click on burn after it is done.

My question is why the copying process is so slow,
it takes 18 mins for 4G data transfer within my mac,
and another 15 mins to burn DVD.

Is this normal? or do u have any other way to do it?

I am using iMac G5, OSX 10.3

Thanks in advance


I guess u have to pay to get it burn to DVD fast.....

I dont mind burn slow but why trandfer files WITHIN mac is slow,
same speed like I transfer files from XP via wireless network:)