Copying files?


So I decide to install OS X on the box I'm normall using to run OS 9 on. I copy all the files off of a partition to another partition which has enough space, install OS X onto the partition I've just cleaned off, and am now trying to copy my old stuff back on.

I have 2.3GB of stuff I've stashed and about 6GB of space left on the partition I've just installed OS X on. Finder refuses to copy the 2.3GB into the 6GB, telling me there's not enough space available.

"No problem", says I, "I'll just us cp -R". Nope. It loses the creators and file types, so now (for example) my Woid files are just plain old text files. This gives me no confidence that the resource forks survived the cp.

Is there a command-line tool in OS X to copy a file, Mac info, resource forks and all?

usage: /Developer/Tools/CpMac [-r] [-mac] <source-path>... <dest-path>

You'll need the dev tools, but it seems clear that Apple has already written one. There's talk of this app usage on other threads in this forum...


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