copying Mailboxes to new G5


i want to copy the files [Mailboxes] from my Cube Mail to my new G5 but when i look at them in Library/Mail the format is different in the G5 than the Cube?

is there a way i can copy over Mailboxes from my Cube to the G5?

i was hoping i could do it without using the Migration Assistant..



Try this...
01. Connect the two Macintoshes with a Firewire cable.
02. Boot the Cube in 'Transfer Mode', by pressing the 'T' key.
03. Boot the G5. The Cube should show up on the G5's 'Desktop'.
04. Launch 'Mail' on the G5.
05. Select 'Mail's 'File, Import Mailboxes...' menu item. The 'Import' window will appear.
06. Click on the window's 'Import data from:'s 'Mail for Mac OS X' radio button, and click on the 'Continue' button. A navigation sheet will appear.
07. Locate and select your Cube's 'Mail's Mailboxes ...