Corrections to Support Responses?


Is there any sort of mechanism on the site to propose a correction to a support answer if it isn't correct? The response in particular that prompted me to ask about this is - the person asks a question about some weird black boxes showing up around icons and the response given is that reinstalling the OS is required. I do tech support (Mac and Windows) at a major university and we had a user report this exact issue. I came across the page linked above, but fortunately I also found the real fix to the problem that someone had blogged about at which points out that there is a keyboard hotkey to fix the issue (Sure, reinstalling the OS will fix the problem, but that's like not being able to find your drill and using dynamite to make a hole).

Which brings me back to my original question - is there a way to propose changes/fixes/etc to the sections outside the forums when we find that they have incorrect information?
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To make a comment and or correction on a something like that, try a private message to the tech that answered that question. It is an old post and only the tech can add anything to it.

Since that question was asked, stranger things have come up with a part of Universal Access being turned on unknowingly. At the time, it was also known that Upgrade install was the culprit and other strange things came up along with those symptoms.

With those symptoms I now have the user check Universal Access first. :)
Any Tech can make a Comment to a question answered by another Tech. Only the Tech will see the Comment, and get an email about a Comment being made on his/her ticket.

May not be possible with older archived tickets.
Bob, This is regards to a closed ticket in the FAQ from the main page. No one but the tech who answered it can post an added comment - at this time.