Corrupt Files / Word

Dagens Nyheter

I believe that I corrupted some files from a thumb drive and the result is that sometimes when I open a document Word collapses. The file can be reopened (sometimes on the second try). Occasionally there is a message that the file is corrupted. But this "problem" can also occur in the middle of the operation of what had seemed a perfectly functional file––usually it takes place when I am cutting and pasting. The cursor starts to rotate and it won't complete the operation. Again Word shuts down unexpectedly. When I reopen the file I have the last saved version in front of me. That is to say that recovery does take place.

Still, it is hazardous and a little frightening.

Microsoft recommends copying and renaming all the files and trashing the old ones ––a time consuming process. I have also been looking for the old thumb drive files which sometimes have odd names and trashing them.

Any other suggestions?