Corrupted Disk Images


After a power failure two very important encrypted disk images (about 20G each) failed to mount. I got the following message: The following disk images have failed to mount: Reason "corrupt image". After that I tried to do a fsck-check in the Terminal ( I don't know very much about the comman line but I were able to check this out). Result: BAD SUPER BLOCK: MAGIC NUMBER WRONG
ioctl (GCINFO): Inappropriate ioctl for device
fsck: /Users/ral/Desktop/IT Kopie.sparseimage: can't read disk label. Therefore I'm desperate because I don't have a backup of the data (I was actually on the way to do backups when the power failure occurred!). What can I do? Is there no way to save my data? Perhaps with a disk repair app or something like that? I really need your help! Thanks!!!