Costs for running


I quote the admin on his fairly recent post:
"...SETUP FEE that would go toward the ongoing costs of keeping online..."

What ongoing costs?
20 bucks for hosting? Yearly domain registration? MAINTENINCE? He just stole someones cgi script, registered a domain, signed up for hosting, and put it on search engines! What the hell are the imaginary "ongoing costs" that he has to put up with? He doesn't do anything except pay for the hosting charges! Gimmie a break!


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I see you have a site : good for you if you can pay the ongoing costs yourself ! I would not have the money to pay those hosting charges if I owned a website... I think the owner is honest enough to discuss his concerns with us, and he seems to try genuinely improving the quality of his forum !

Kudos to Matt (the owner) for all his efforts !

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I think that a one time fee is warranted if you want an e-mail.
In addition to the e-mail maintanence the admin has to maintain and keep
looking fresh and interesting.