could NetInfo serve DNS?


I would be overjoyed if there was some sort of utility, app, command line app, that gave DNS responses to questions utilizing the NetInfo information. I fully realize I may be using a nail to drive a hammer, but I don't like the BIND configuration, and it would seem that NetInfo has the capability to serve this type of information.

Anyone know of anything like this?
Well, yes and no. In a domain MacOS X can utilize the /machines directory to resolve hostnames to IPs, but other OSs would be blind to it. (Think of it like NIS in this regard). So, on an internal network you could use it a bit, but not for general purpose name resolution.
Thanks, that's what I've been seeing. My questions still stands in theory though...

could I write an app that listens on port 53, asks netinfo on the local machine if it has any answers, and then spit the answer back out on port 53? Theoretically I see this working, and I'm enough tired of BIND to write my own app.
Sort of bumped into this before, not quite the same but similar rulkes may apply, amd and automounter config files was my problem.

It looks as though NetInfo can be scripted from UNIX, if that is the case, then you can make the DNS files out of netInfo databases.

I have in the past made DNS files from NIS data, a strange things to do but some applications require you to do one of the other so you have to have both running.

Take a look at the "in.named" daemon, I'll have a look tonight as well and see if its there, if so this should be doable.

I have asked a similar questions around integrating NetInfo with NIS in a scriptable manner and some of the guys have had a good poke around and they think it should work.
Looking at Apple's new info, X Server appears to have some sort of DNS Server which didn't appear to be named based. Perhaps in a week Apple will have solved my problems. :)

I have no idea what you're talking about with the in.named thing though. I can't find it.
Type man "in.named" or "man named", you should see that they are one and the same.

If "in.named" is not in the man page don't worry I was looking at man page for "named" from another UNIX machine, I am not allowed to use MacOSX, any mac for that matter, at work so my turn around is slow.

However you should be able to pull host information out of NetInfo into a text file, re-write this info into DNS formated files. As I say I used to do this from NIS to DNS via a script.
Well I tried "man named", the man page is not there for either "in.named or named", but the executable does exist in /usr/sbin, a bit weird.

However I take your original point, it would be nice if netInfo could do DNS stuff directly without resorting to configuring BIND.