Crash During Software Update Osx


On August 18, 2005 I was using an EZ wireless connector at Hampton Inn when I decided to download all the updates for my Ibook G4. During the update for the operating system (as opposed to the one for Itunes, etc) my Ibook froze. The progression bar was moving during this update, but it froze. I was running Itunes at the same time. When I clicked to switch back to the Itunes window, the colors on the screen went weird. The picture was still there, but there were lines everywhere, with the brightness of the lines changing (i.e. from bright to dark and back, etc). After waiting to see if this would clear, I had to use the Power button to restart. Upon reboot, it took much longer than usual to reload the initial screen with the Apple logo. It got to where it is loading and lists all the settings, etc that are loading. When it got to the "login" something screen, it still showed that it was progessing on the progression bar, but it stays there for an inordinate amount of time. Then it goes to a blank screen with a cursor that will not move. It then freezes here.

I ran the Apple Hardware Test. It showed that there was no problem with the hardware.

I ran the utility to repair the disk (on Install Disk 1). It also said there were no problems.

Is there any way that I can save my data without losing it, or must I completely reinstall OS X and all my software? Do you even think that reinstalling the OS will fix the problem? I wanted to see if I can save my data before attempting anything drastic (or expensive).

Thank you!