Crash when starting Classic environement


I know that with most people the Classic environement start without problem. But on my computer, I can lauch classic environement, but it crashed just at start with a message :
"This startup disk doesn't work on this kind of macintosh. Use the installation software for updating the disk of this macintosh."
This is not a "bomb" alert, but the only choice is "restart".

I've Mac OS 9.0.4 installed. I tried with standard system (no addition of extensions). I tried on several partitions and disks (all IDE).
I've a new PowerMac G4, 400 Mhz (the last one)

Does someone experience the same problem ? Does someone know how to correct it ?

Alain Paschoud
i don't have a solution, i just wanted u to know that i feel your pain. i have the EXACT same problem. i was thinking it was machine specific, i have a 200 ibook and was thinking there wasn't support for it yet.

i'd bet we're doing something obviosly wrong, i hope someone will enlighten us.

i've have OS 9 on a seperate partition than OS X, when i try and select that disk in the OS 9 control panel in it's greyed out. i've also installed OS 9 directly onto the OS x partition and either way i get the same error message that you do.

any help out there?
I had this problem on my G4MP but fixed it. The computer shipped with two disks a "Software Restore" and a "Software Install". If you reinstall OS9 using the Install disk, the proper drivers will be loaded for your hard drive and you will be able to run classic.

If you use the Restore disk, the hard drive driver will not be loaded. OS 9 will boot up fine and everything will seem o.k. OSX will boot fine and everything will seem ok until you try classic, then you get the described error.

I had a pile of trouble getting Classic to work. I tried zapping the PRAM, mucking about with extensions you name it. I finally completely reinstalled OS 9 then patiently dragged the apps about into my mac OS 9 folder where they were supposed to go and voila, I got simpleText to run my first classic app and the classic icon is still in the Dock. Now I can use OS X fulltime as I only booted into 9 for Diablo and Alpha Centauri the latter should run fine as it is turn based. I've wasted enough time on Diablo anyway...