Crashed Now Blue Screen When Power On

Jill Clark

I have imac G$ was running on 10.2.8. I recently upgraded to Tiger. Everything has been running fine for two weeks. Today I was installing trial version on Photoshop and had several programs open and windows open. The computer crashed. I unplugged it 10 times. Tried restarting holding T. Nothing. I just get a blue screen and sometimes it acts like it is starting up and will show the apple and then the spinning thing-then just blues out.



Why were you holding T? that is just for target mode.
try instead resetting the PRAM

"follow these steps to reset the PRAM:

1. Locate the keys Command, Option, P, and R.

2. Make sure the Caps Lock key is not down.

3. Restart your Macintosh (using the Command, Control, and Power keys or the reset button, if necessary).
Immediately after hearing the startup sound, press the Command, Option, P, and R keys simultaneously. If you don't hold down the key combination within 5 and 10 seconds after you restart, you may need to repeat steps 1 through 3.

4. Hold down the keys until you hear the startup sound again.

5. If the computer shuts itself off, press the Power key to turn it back on.

6. When the computer has finished starting up, restore any custom control panel and network settings."

good luck!