Crashing And Shut Down Problems


First I do apologixe if this is the second time i ask this question... am slightly desperat and I don't know if i have sent a question to a closed subject yesterday or if you are just very busy. If it is the latter, I apologize for then sending this again.

I had help from Paul last week, because I had problems shutting down. The problem was solved by downloading and running applejack. Or so I thought. It seems the problem has come back with a vengeance... applications seem to be crashing all the time. The little spinning wheel just keeps spinning - i have been patient, left it to spin all night last night and it was still at it this morning... I have run applejack several times now, and it does occasionally shut down normally, but 9 out of 10 times I have to do it manually becauce some app has crashed.
Anyway, I can force quit the app in finder, which makes it dissappear from screen, but it still sits in the menu with the little triangle under it and will neither go away completely nor relaunch. I can do other things, but not restart and not shut down.
I don't know what causes it, but it makes the machine completely unreliable and seems to only get worse (more and more applications do it), and I'm not sure what the never ending manual shut downs does to it...

I have had a look at the forums but to be honest most of that went over my head. I have used OS9 for years and never bothered about the tech - side of things. Is it not possible to run a mac without having a degree in programming anymore?

Anyway, in case it isn't Paul that gets this message; the computer is a G4 with Tiger on it (seems problems have started occuring after the tiger -update). 512 MB DDR SDRAM, two xtra hardrives (total 330 GB)... don't know what else you need to know?

Thank you


I'm sorry, didn't realise this would end up on the forum. Don't bother with this, I've lost patience with it and am taking computer to doctor on monday. am just trying to figure out how to delete this...


'I'm sorry, didn't realise this would end up on the forum', do not be - the forum is here just for such problems, or venting ones frustrations.

Many Mac'ers do understand, and can associate with, your frustration. Really!

Since you are considering going to the 'doctor'(?) on Monday, anyway - then why not just reinstall MacOS X 10.4.0 onto your G4, now?
Do an 'archive and install' (click on the 'Options' button) during the installation set up process.
Yes, some applications may have to be re-installed, reconfigured, etc.; but, chances they will have to be - after the 'doctor' visit, as well.

If you do re-install MacOS X 10.4.0, play with it and report your observations. Besides MacOS X 10.4.3 is rumored to fix 400+ (how many are 10.4.x related?, is unknown) MacOS X 10.x.x 'features' (opps - 'bugs').