Crazy Lazy Ibook


I'm experiencing some problems with my ibook, bought just 1 year ago (I used pc before and my old win95 still works! now I'm on internet thanks to it), it started going very slow and crashing the past week, my fault, I had only 1gb free space so I tought that was the nature of the problem and I deleted most of all leaving 14gb free space, launched disk utility after and I noticed a lots of errors that wasn't recognized the day before (major errors like b-tree, volume system, threads, nodes...)????????? just after deleting mp3?????????????????
I tried to do a deep erase (I mean 'writing zero' option) of the hard drive but was impossible so I tried with a soft, was ok, I tried to reinstall the system, impossible, one time, two times, it starting installing (very very slowly) and then freezed (near the end of installation) so I just closed my ibook for a couple of days. I tried a second time to erase deeply my hard drive and was ok, installing the system (just it) and was ok, it was ok for 2 days. Actually I'm not able to change network setting (the window system preferences freezes the rest is ok but I can't shout down normally), if I try to connect to internet I get a kernel panic.
I know...I should launch a techtool pro (but I haven't)... well my hard disk make strange rumors sometimes (just sometimes), but how could it be broken if I was able to erase it deeply?

Sorry for my english ;)

Thanks to you all,


p.s. surfing on various mac related forums I noticed that lots of people experienced hard drive mechanical problems on ibook
It does sound very much like your hard disk is faulty. Have an authorised technician look at it.
Some news...I was able to fix it by utility disk...but just for one day...I got techtool cd run every test!!!!! (surface test as well) everythnig was ok my ibook worked several hours (4 or 5) to complete the tests, no errors, goooooood.......well not so much after that it crashed and got crazy as well.
So everything was repetead as on old blues song, tried (2 times)to erase and reinstalling. The system was ok for one day, actually my ibook doesn't work!!!!
I installed only the osx as before...and it start to crash after one day or less
You said right symhonix! The technician told me that the problem is caused by the heads of the hard drive so I have to change it.
I thought it wasn't possible erasing a fault hard drive but this should be true if there are damages on the surface. In fact if the heads get bad when they come hot I guess there ain't no programm for checking it.

By the way ThAnk YoU!!!!