Creating a boot disc?


I have Techtool Pro, DiskWarrior and AntiVirus.

Of which I want to compile onto one bootable disk (optical CD or DVD).

So that I can diagnose and virus check any of the macs I have.

Is this possible.

I'm thinking...
Create a Disk Image, Install OSX 10.4.6 into it, install apps into it then burn the image. But the question is how.


Won't work that way.

BootCD can make a bootable CD, but not from Tiger versions later than 10.4.2, that will work with TechTool Pro and DiskWarrior...don't know about AntiVirus.

The only BootCD Tiger version, build 8211, is a Beta and the developer stopped working on a version that would work with later OSX.4.x versions.

There are Panther versions of BootCD which work with TechTool Pro, but not with the latest DiskWarrior(Tiger) version.